viabledesign is a unique business hub for sustainable and holistic growth strategy development and execution after M&A events. viabledesign enjoys being challenged by its clients to find the best viable solution to outsmart competition and helps new entities to grow accordingly.

post merger innovation

In a globalized, fast-paced economy, M&A events represent a real opportunity but also a major risk factor for organizations. In the past, cost reduction and revenue acceleration were key success factors. Nowadays, goals like technology access, talent sourcing or market consolidation make post-merger integration activities a complex and risky endeavour. To mitigate substantial risks, you owe your organization a professionally managed implementation strategy, enhanced by experts who can leverage the true potential of your new entity. And implementation is not where we stop; it’s just the beginning. We think past post-merger integration and call it post-merger innovation. Innovation fuels today’s economy and is your bet on the future.

how viabledesign works

viabledesign connects organisations, business leaders and experts with proven post-merger innovation methodologies. We orchestrate your post-merger innovation journey to give you the right strategic direction and market it accordingly. Additionally, our leading experts, who understand your business, your industry and your eco-system, are here to coach your entities until sustainable growth is achieved.

the founder

Detlef Schmidt has accumulated a wealth of international experience in M&A over the last 20 years. Working for Fortune 500 environments in different industries has made him keenly aware of the key success factors in M&A across industries. Detlef's passion for viable business growth, combined with his knack for creative solutioning and connecting personalities, makes him one of the rare experts who can oversee M&A processes in combination with the supporting ecosystem. 


Detlef is based in Stuttgart and holds a master-equivalent diploma in strategic management from the University of Stuttgart. He is a passionate contemporary art expert and shares his hospitality expertise in different projects around the world.