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prepare for common ground

After each M&A event, an immediate orientation of the strategic direction needs to be communicated within the new entity and eco-system. If full use of this window of opportunity is not made, insecurity and rumors will spread. This situation must be avoided, as forces will be directed against integration efforts. As a result, you will lose the momentum to convince staff of joint innovation efforts. Can you afford not to take communication seriously?

unleash the growth engine

In the digital economy, newly created enterprises should take the opportunity to use the network effect of state-of-the-art marketing. By leveraging digital marketing tactics, products and services can be positioned in a very effective and cost-saving manner. New target groups can be reached much faster and communication to existing clients will become more targeted. But the real value of marketing features a combination of digital and classic marketing tactics. Are you ready for this blended approach to unlock unrealized potential?

let multiplicators work for you


Managing the eco-system (sales, advisors, channel partner, distributors, analysts) of a new entity is one of the most challenging tasks during integration. Small changes in the organization have a huge effect on these stakeholders and need to be communicated wisely. In M&A events, the change is massive and therefore the effect on stakeholders critical. Only a wisely planned marketing and communication strategy will help you stabilize your extended network. But we are not here to maintain the status quo of your eco-system. We are talking about bringing innovation into this network to unleash its full potential. Are you ready for an exciting time ahead?

we, your expert partner

Since viabledesign is your trusted advisor for growth after M&A events, we have answers for your every business challenge. Where competition is fierce, you can only compete if you have talented resources. Unfortunately, we can’t do it all. But where we lack expertise, we rely on our best friends network, with leading expertise in integration. Your benefit: we operate like a team. Everyone knows their role and everything is coordinated and integrated for you. The good thing for you: there is no cost remedy for you. Are you ready to work with an all-star team to compete in the Champions League?

our strength is a methodology

The proven growth approach by viabledesign can easily be transferred to other growth events outside of M&A. We have vast expertise to enhance performance within the hospitality industry and in art advisory Are you curious to learn more about how to make viable progress?